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Carl Waynes newsletter November 21 2008
November 25, 2008, 10:36 pm
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Carl Wayne’s Weekly Columns and Newsletter                              November 21, 2008



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Fireproof movie is a “must see”.  It is much more than a story about love lost and found between a husband and wife.  A real hanky soaker but worth every minute.;s=tt





This week:


Life is a jest, and all things show it, / I thought so once, and now I know it.

-John Gay, poet and dramatist (1685-1732)


That quote pretty much sums up the closing of my campaign for Alderman. I learned a lot, and had fun, and met a lot of nice encouraging people, but my opponent got 12,701 votes to my 5,681, for which I am so grateful, He spent more than $10,000 and I spent about $1,500.


This is my first newsletter since Oct 31 and is the Thanksgiving edition. This is a busy time of year with multiple holidays and lots of family birthdays including mine between Christmas and New Years. I wont reveal my age since Mimi is one year younger, but I am eligible to start drawing social security. But I’ll wait a few more years, Lord willing.


Uncle WT as 80 on the 16th. He can still outrun most of us, though recently he has been having sharp back pains. His great love for his whole extended family is a shining example to the rest of us. He and his wife Aunt Hellon are the last of Momma’s generation, descendents of Taylor and Mary Nolen. He is the glue that keeps us all together.


We picked 136 pounds of fresh greens and turnips and cabbages from the Victory Garden and delivered to the local Food Pantry Thursday morning. Our year-to-date total is 2,139 pounds for the needy. We have a few more cabbages and turnips and greens and rutabagas we will pick in two weeks.


We will have Mimi’s extended family Thanksgiving at her parents’ home between Hurricane and Thaxton MS. We always have a lot of love and way too much food. They are 83 and 79 and still cooking and hosting. They’re amazing people. Their love for the Lord and family is boundless and unshakeable.


My deceased sister’s husband Dave and niece Beth will be visiting with us next Friday evening and Saturday, He and I are going to try our first time to fry a turkey. We may smoke a small one at the same time as Plan B. We’ll do it, since he’s a grill master!


Happy THANKSGIVING!   Remember our troops!!!!!!!!
Column / Short Story:

Post-election Thanks and Thoughts November 5, 2008


Some of gods greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.” ~Garth Brooks


Wednesday, the day after election day, I woke up knowing my opponent garnered more votes than I did. But I woke up in peace. Like Momma said: It’s like beating your head against a wall; it feels so good when you quit.”


I am thankful for many blessings, not the least of which is now having an appreciation for the enormous amount of organization, effort, and money it takes to win an election. 


I am thankful for my whole extended family getting involved and working hard. It was so good to see my four granddarlings witness and participate in the democratic process. All my efforts were worth those blessings alone.


I am thankful the election was conducted fairly and cleanly, which is rare nowadays.


I am thankful for Michael Green and Fran Persechini of the Chamber of Commerce who made all candidates feel welcome and important. The introductory luncheon, televised interviews, and televised debate, and todays followup calls were professionally and warmly done.


Mickey Hutson and his CHS students deserve praise for handling the TV taping and broadcasts. Do not underestimate the value of those broadcasts. They provided a common playing ground for all candidates at no cost to us. This was a true democratic process, not unlike old time town hall meetings.


I am humbled by the 5,681 people who voted for me, most of whom I don’t know personally. I am convinced the same issues that are important to me are important to most of them.


I am thankful for the advice and encouragement from several longtime town leaders.  


The long days we candidates greeted voters outside the early polling station gave each of us a chance to know each other better and appreciate each other more. We even shared refreshments.


I am thankful for the nice weather most days, and especially for the large turnout of voters in today’s uncertain national environment. 


Those who know me well know I have a bulldog personality. Losing the election is just a minor inconvenience in my efforts to get a public Farmer’s Market. Someday soon we will have available locally grown, nutritious, heirloom veggies in multiple varieties, unlike those bought in grocery stores. Don’t be fooled by a product labeled organic. It may be a tasteless, low nutrition, hybrid shipped thousands of miles to the grocery store.


My curiosity has been satisfied. The people have spoken. I accept God’s will in my life, knowing he has a better plan for me.


And my campaign signs are available for free to recycle into yard sale signs.


Ain’t God good!

Carl Wayne, Master Gardener


An old newsletter Nov 15, 2003



     FAMILY & FRIENDS Newsletter

     by Carl Wayne & Ann Hardeman  Nov 15, 2003




We were supposed to have the first frost of the year Thurs night, but it didn’t happen, to my surprise and joy as I can enjoy the few remaining blooming flowers and the colors of the trees, which have made their splendificent display just this week. The cypress, Bradford pears, gingkos, and maples are intense. Man is without excuse (Romans 1:19-20) in such a display of beauty.


I need to be working in the yard laying it by for the winter but the cool and dark mornings almost demand a duvet day. My avian friends are enjoying their special treats of suet cakes and chopped corn which helps them keep theyselves warm more so than the blackoil sunflower seeds, at least it does in my imagination.


My  home sparrows who live in Thornton have denuded him of all his cerise bounty. There’s plenty more on Hailey and Hannah, the American hollies, but they must have to be hungrier than they are now to eat them. Momma, the mockingbird, will sate herself this winter with those berries.


The downside of the lack of a frost is having to continue mowing and edging and trimming – the sweat of our brows just as He said.


Saturday we had for supper collard greens and mustard greens from my backyard with Tommy Emmons’ special sauce. Also had baked sweet taters, fried pork steak (I only ate one), homemade biscuits and gravy, and peach pie. Deelicious and it kept me from eating

anything until halftime when watching the Grizzlies on TV.


We are looking forward to Thanksgiving, not just for the good food but for being with family and friends which is too seldom nowadays.


We had the annual sumptuous Thanksgiving Wednesday night meal before services Wed the 12th. I ate a pile of turkey and gravy and dressing and sweetpotato casserole and pumpkin pie with great draughts of sweet tea. These folks fix a cheap meal for everyone

every Wednesday evening. They have such good servants’ hearts.


We will have a big meal here with my folks and at her parents’ with her folks and both will feature groaning tables followed shortly thereafter by groaning bellies. I may make my main New Year’s resolution be to go on the Atkins’ diet. It should be easy since I am a frankophile, especially the all beef ballpark ones.


Uncle Aubrey of Laws Hill MS wonders why  since everyone has a camcorder or cell phone with a camera, nobody sees UFO’s anymore.


According to the editor of the London Daily Telegraph, a boiled egg will be perfectly done if you sing all 5 verses and the chorus to Onward Christian Soldiers.


The tersely yclept J Lo, when asked what she got on her SAT exam, replied: “Nail polish!”


We enjoyed a nice two day ride thru the countryside in Arkansas last weekend. Drove I40 to Brinkley then on US70 to Little Rock then back on I40 to Conway then US64 in the Dardanelles and AR River valley and over Petit Jean, past Mt Nebo, over Mt Magazine which was completely clouded in, then on to Ft Smith to spend the night. Left EARLY Sat morning and went high atop Rich Mtn near Mena. The AYCE breakfast and view from Queen Wilhelmina Lodge are both worth the trip.


Then we took the scenic US270 east across Mt Ida to Hot Springs then scenic AR 7 south to Eldorado then back northeast thru Pinebluff, Stuttgart, and Marianna to Forrest City then I40 back home. Long trip. Saw lots of beautiful scenery and many wild animals but very little fall foliage color. We saw several deer, many hawks, and even a fox carrying a squirrel. We saw a lot of redtail hawks on telephone lines and  one on a low fence post. She wondered why. I told her that it probably was nearsighted.


There were a lot of dead armadillos or hillbilly roadbumps as they are known in Arkansas or possum on the halfshell around here. One thing that really made my trip was the great skeins of geese in the evening sky near Stuttgart – surely there were thousands.


Maybe next summer we can take the grandkids to the butterfly festival on Mt Magazine

or .

and the big waterpark in Conway

and Hot Springs .

I also want to visit the new River Museum in Tunica MS and the wildlife refuge at Wapanocca: .


Someone once said as you grow older your ears and nose continue to grow. I looked it up. Actually it’s just the effect of gravity, which means the more time I spend lying down in

a recliner, the younger I will look.


Last week Mrs Polly Clement died after a long life of Christian service. She was my childrens’ Sunday school teacher. I appreciate her very much and regret I never told her that.







Not a lot going on with the family and no news is good



Michael preached this Sunday at QR and I was beaming. He’s a natural and very good at it and got lots of compliments. He will be in Ada OK again this week Monday thru Thursday.

Case he was working on in Paris AR won a $3MM verdict.


Scotty is deer hunting when he is not working overtime, or camping with guns, Lisa calls it, when his luck is no better than mine.




     Birds & Blooms


Not much going on in the garden but plans and looking at seed catalogs and fantasizing about beating Tommy Emmons in gardening next year.


I split Tabitha, the chenille plant, as she was getting rootbound and I now have a new one. I call her Mehitabel.

I dug up several more arums the lady next door said I could have as they took up the border and are mowing and letting grass grow where there was a flower bed. I will keep them in pots for a while.


The goldfinches made a brief appearance last month but have been gone since. I saw juncos this week but haven’t seen any  purple finches for a while either. There is

a good bird catalog for your zip code at

On the right side enter your email address and zip code.


Saturday a cooper’s hawk was sitting on my back fence waiting to pounce on a fat dove when a squirrel came running along the fence top toward him and came to a screeching halt and sat there puzzled for a while. Then it went down the fence, crossed under the hawk which jumped when it went by under it, then reappeared on top of the fence a few feet past the hawk. It was a hoot!!!




     Blessings Needed and Received



Each of us because we all have joys and fears which need

to be brought before His throne.










……………………………………………..November 21, 2008




“Conscience is the still, small voice which tells a candidate that what he is doing is likely to lose him votes.” –Anonymous


“God got Daniel out the lion’s den; he got Jonah out the belly of that whale; he got Gilligan off that island.”  ~From the movie: Coming To America





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